Adventskalender Day 6 – Splitdown- A Ghost like Editor for WordPress

A few months ago Ghost was introduced. After playing around a bit with it I really got hooked on the editor.


Writing large texts in the TinyMCE WordPress Editor is often exhausting and time consuming. The writing flow often gets disrupted by formatting or checking the preview. And it seemes like the Ghost editor solved exactly these problems by using Markdown to format the text and a live preview.

I really wanted to have something like this for WordPress and so I began to code an Editor for replacement. The result is called Splitdown.

Splitdown in action

Based on Showdown.js the HTML gets rendered on the right side as you type on the left.

After activating the plugin you have to select the post type/s in which you want to use Splitdown in the “Writing” settings.

WordPress Settings

Splitdown is based on Showdown.js and is open source. At the moment Splitdown is in a proof of concept state but usable. For bug reports, feature requests or contributions please use the github repository. Here you can download the ZIP file directly.

What do you think about a markdown editor for WordPress?

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  1. #1

    Jetzt noch ein “distraction-free”-Modus (wie in Ghost ;)) und ich werd’s installieren.

  2. #2

    I use this editor after your suggestion but the problem i face is with the preview. Because its not showing the preview in my original format that i am using for my website. What to do with this?

  3. #3

    Great idea! I have a Markdown extension installed, but the extension si a little bit buggy. How about injecting images and links? Is this solved by your extension, too? I should give it a try.

  4. #7

    Verdammt, da hat mir einer zugehört (im Git)… 😉

  5. #8

    Is the plugin compatible with Markdown in Jetpack ?

  6. #9

    OK, I made a test, Splitdown and Markdown in Jetpack are not compatible. Don’t know how Splitdown manages the content – saving two different versions of the post ?

  7. #10

    Its not showing the preview in my original format that i am using for my website. What to do with this?

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