Multilingual Press 1.1 released – the multilanguage Plugin for WordPress

Today we released Multilingual Press 1.1. We fixed many bugs, changed the interface here and there, so there might be small changes in your work flow. A big Thank you! goes to all testers and everybody else who left feedback.

This plugin allows you to run as many sites you like within a WordPress-Multisite with different languages, translate posts and generate link-lists automatically. More details about using MLP can be found on the product page. Beside the free version, there is also a pro with more features and high quality support.

Multilingual Press Pro in action – the original text at top and at the buttom the translation.

Changes affecting free and pro editions

  • Better data handling during setup of post relationships.
  • Fixed wrong links in widget on the front page.
  • Added a Catalonian flag, the Canadian flag was used for ca accidentally.
  • Removed need to reload settings after adding a new relationship.
  • Copy post meta data and featured image for connected posts.
  • Set preview of connected posts to readonly, not disabled to make copy and paste easier.
  • Show languages in site list in native writing style (sorted by alphabet), not flags.
  • Improved German translation.
  • Copy post meta data only once, avoid overwriting existing meta values later.
  • Made all text domain references static strings for better interoperability with translation tools.
  • Added a language list in inc/language-list.php to get languages in native and English writing by ISO codes.
  • Added a helper class Mlp_Db_Replace to update multiple tables and columns at once.
  • Always keep the success messages from AJAX forms in the visible window.
  • Many minor stability and performance improvements.

Changes affecting the pro edition only

  • Quick edit does not delete Trasher settings anymore.
  • Avoid multiple confirmation messages in blog settings.
  • Trasher does not forget to trash linked posts anymore.
  • Avoid broken permalinks for linked custom post types, use dynamic links instead of pretty permalinks optionally.
  • Duplicate blogs without relationships.
  • Show translation metabox for activated post types only.
  • Open links from dashboard widget in the same window.
  • Fix label for User Backend Language switcher.
  • Make all strings in site settings translatable.
  • Fix relationship links in Advanced Translator.
  • Make language switcher appended to post content keyboard accessible.
  • Change appearance of language switcher: plain links for less than four languages (better SEO), a select element for more.
  • Fix ID attributes in Advanced Translator to avoid JavaScript and CSS issues.

Have fun with this newest release! Here you can download Multinlingual Press.



For developers: We will change our plugin API in version 1.2. The functions in inc/class-Mlp_Helpers.php will continue to work, the hooks will not. If you have any questions or existing code extending the functionality please contact us.

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