How social networks find the featured image

We have written a nice post, set a beautiful featured image, and we share our post in social networks like Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter. And they pick the wrong preview image: the logo or just the first image they found in the code.

We can fix that easily and tell those services which picture to use. The key for that is the Open Graph Protocol (OGP). It is a scheme for meta data, invented by Facebook. Nowadays, most social networks have implemented it, so we don’t have to use something different for each.

These meta data are added either to selected elements in our content or as children of the element head. We need just the second case.

Our goal should look like this:

Of course, we want to create the HTML automatically and put that into a mini plugin, so that we don’t have to care about this issue anymore.

That’s quite simple. In each proper theme, there is an element head with the following code:

The function wp_head() is called here, it calls an action with the same name:

And we use this action to add our HTML code:

Now we need a function marketpress_ogp_image() to make that happen. We will check in this function if …

  1. we are on a single page, a page, a post or another post type,
  2. we’ve set a featured image,
  3. that still exists, and
  4. we get a usable URL for that image.

If everything is ok, we print the HTML.

In PHP it looks like this:

I have added the source code as a complete plugin to our repository Mini Plugins. You can download the plugin as a separate ZIP archive: Open Graph Featured Image.

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