Ghost Launch Party – Or: We as guests in London!

The first time I heard about the idea of Ghost on Kickstarter, it was like: “Yeah, that’s a nice , tiny idea! Blogging goes back to the roots!”, so we decided to backpack John and his team. Last week my colleague André and me flew to London, to meet more than a hundred other Ghost backers. Celebrating the Ghost Launch Party and the first release of Ghost to more than 6000 kickstarters! Sadly the weather was bad (what a surprise London!), so the party did not take part on the roof top bar…, but it was great!


We as premium backers already had access to the code for quite a time. So we were able to play around with this tiny, lean platform, and I liked it and the results on the screen. Talking to so many other backers, who never had access before, was a bit of fun 🙂 And it was really interesting what people expected from Ghost: For what could it be? For what use cases will it fit? And how lean will it stay in the future, when people start saying: “I need this, and that too!”?


Founder John O’Nolan (@JohnONolan) introduced all the developers, thanked all backers and especially Ghost CTO Hannah Wolfe (@ErisDS) for their work. Followed by a warm applause, a “Happy Birthday”, sang by everybody for John’s mother, John and Hannah got surrounded by a lot of people who had tons of questions. Beside nice drinks and music, everybody was allowed to take a deeper look, via some devices, showing the Ghost backend. Everybody was really interested in what the Ghost team already build, and played around on the screens.


For me it was quite interesting: Talking with André and other software developers, web designers, marketing guys and even young students, about the challenges, and the status quo of Ghost’s backend, and of course: What kind of users is Ghost good for? Has it a chance to become ‘the’ new WordPress? Isn’t it to small?

From my side as a marketing-guy I can say: John did quite a good job! Today it is more intelligent to introduce a new idea to a big crowd of people, engage them to spend money for your work, and let them do most of the marketing thing, than trying to sell something new, nobody knows or even wants. And if 6k+ people like the idea, it should not be that bad 🙂

Now, since all the backers got access to Ghost, we will see how they like it, and what software or themes people will build for the Ghost market. What do you think about Ghost? / Twitter: @tryGhost / Inpsyde GmbH

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