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Ghost is a node.js-based blogging platform, kickstarted this spring. We as decided from the beginning: Let’s participate and support such a new, fresh an lean idea. All in all Ghost reached their goal within some days, and ended up with a 800% funding! That was really awesome!


Tomorrow, on September 19th at 7pm, will be the launch-party in the center of London. André and Manuel will fly to London and get in touch with many other Ghost-backers, and of course, with John O’Nolan, the founder of Ghost. Follow us on twitter to get some party-news (@marketpresscom #tryghost)

Ghost Launch Party Location

Here is short screenshot of the Ghost backend: creating new content.
Ghost - backend-5

In the future we will inform you about latest Ghost news and of course pictures of the party (hell yeah – it’s on the roof-top of a hotel, at the Trafalgar Square!).

What do you think about Ghost?

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