Adventskalender Day 14 – Trello – About Project Management and its Tools

Managing projects is such a complicated topic that can occupy you for a long time. There are uncounted attempts to display internal processes and at least twice as many tools to support you by those attempts. But the problem is that there is no tool that displays all processes completely. Sometimes the CRM is missing, sometimes the timetracking is missing, sometimes the issue-tracker is missing – there’s always a lack of something.

So here we are from Inpsyde GmbH. We decided to pick the most interesting attempts from different tools and to use certain software for certain processes. Among other things we use for example Github as a codebase and as an issue-tracker, Billomat for invoices and offers, Google Drive for documents from specific projects and we use Trello for general management. This might sound much, but because every tool has its own specific task, there are distinct patterns of use and a good display of all the processes.

Trello 1

For example Trello: This tool replaced Basecamp as a management tool. Trello is not only available for free, but also the user interface is very adjustable, so you can display many processes. As you can see in the screenshot we decided to compile different lists with distinct descriptions. Each and every project gets its own card. The comments given by the users not only communicate, but also document the state of a project, records of telephone conferences or important deadlines.

We picked Trello because it is highly adjustable. The user interface matches the process and vice versa. Additional UX-Tweaks, like to shift a card or the push-notifications from visitors on one board, makes the working with this tool not only comfortable, but also fun. But how to manage a certain project depends on the requirements of the customer. A few customers like to use Basecamp, some others like to use Jira and still others like to use Trello. When we use Trello, we use a pseudo-scrumm-attempt.

Trello 2

The single lists show what is going on. For example shows the screenshot my personal daily schedule. Any future to-do or idea will land in the list called “Depot”. The to-dos from today land in the list called “Today”. The list “Currently Doing” shows everything, that is done right now. And the list “Done Today” shows everything that is already done and finished.


The important thing is that not tools define the process, but tools match the process We from Inpsyde GmbH choose Trello. Others teams might choose another tool. But you should skip the idea of the jack of all trades device- because there is none.

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