Adventskalender Day 13 – Ghost – How-To Build a Most Basic Theme

Today we’re going over the process of creating the most basic theme for the ghost blogging platform.

The only files that are actually required for a ghost theme are index.hbs and post.hbs. The hbs stands for handlebars, a standalone JavaScript templating engine that ghost uses for its theming capabilities.

It provides some built-in helpers but more important, the ability to register your own helper that gives you the power to define abstractions for data modeling. This makes handlebars a valid candidate for a full templating system within simple and complex software.


To start off, go to your ghost directory, head into /content/themes and create a folder called Basic Theme. Create two files: index.hbs and post.hbs within your newly created folder. To get your theme working, all you have to do is restart ghost. After you did that, head over to and select Basic Theme.




The index.hbs acts as your front page. It gets handed a list of posts and therefore decides on how they are presented. For this matter you use the foreach helper, which acts as a loop for posts. Every post has a url helper which points to its respective single post.



The post.hbs is the template for a single post. To access the data of a single post you have to switch the context with a block expressions called {{#post}}. Within this block, you have the post information you’ll need to create a single post page.


And there you have it. The most basic ghost theme using nothing more than handlebars and vanilla html. Of course you’re not limited to the files and notations provided here. Head over to the ghost docs and have a look at what you can do with the ghost blogging platform.


Ghost theme guide
Theme helper

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