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Xtreme One - Theme Framework

Xtreme One is ideal for agencies and ambitious bloggers or web designers, who would like to create websites fast, easily and uncomplicated.

Version: 1.6.2


Xtreme One - Theme Framework

Version 1.6.1 (06.05.2014)

Release 1.6 (13.03.2014)

Release 1.5.4

Xtreme One WordPress Framework gives you the freedom to easily create your WordPress Themes. No more inflexible layouts or having to change the code all the time. With Xtreme One you are able to employ your ideas very quickly.

No Limits

Xtreme One is the world’s only WordPress framework that allows solid, fluid and flexible layouts. Xtreme One has 6 layout versions with customizable width in %, em or px. This can be easily setup in your WordPress backend. Teaser and Footer Areas can be activated including dynamically generated widget layouts in 28 versions and up to 5 columns. Furthermore, a free positioning of navigations for pages, categories is possible as well as the new WordPress menu which can be found in 4 different styles for a custom look. Lastly a customizable comment form layout is provided in 3 variations. Gravatar support and additional text fields for individual messages is also possible.


With the Layout Manager of Xtreme One you can create your own layout for any template, include sidebars and turn a container on or off. No more generic looking themes!

Adjustable layout width, WAI Aria Roles, able to switch between blog layout and full page layout. And everything with just a few clicks in your backend.

SEO and Page Speed Optimization

Search engine friendly, lean, semantic and valid code to help you to improve your ranking within search engines.
If you want, Xtreme One combines and compresses all the stylesheets and JavaScripts. This reduces the number of requests to the web server and delivers your content even faster. Nowadays, the delivery rate is a ranking factor in Google.

15 Custom Widgets

  • accessible, printable Tabber for your posts
  • 6 different slider widgets
  • 5 different post/page widgets
  • social links widget
  • newsletter widget

WordPress confom

Multisite, Widget and Localization ready, with German and English language files. Xtreme One supports featured images, your own uploaded background images, and the WordPress menus with additional functionality.

Choose your license:

For any Pre-Sale Questions please use our Support Site.

Includes 19% VAT
  • Domains: 1
  • Updates: 12 months
  • Supportforum: 12 months
  • Renewal*: 12 months / 45 $
Includes 19% VAT
  • Domains: 5
  • Updates: 12 months
  • Supportforum: 12 months
  • Renewal*: 12 months / 55 $
Includes 19% VAT
  • Domains: 10
  • Updates: 12 months
  • Supportforum: 12 months
  • Renewal*: 12 months / 110 $

* Functionality for the Product is without time limit. Renewal is only needed if you want an update or support.