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Use WordPress’ built-in core features to create networks with multiple languages. Write your translations with the visual editor and guide your visitors to the language they understand best via redirect and language switcher widget. Automatic updates and dedicated support.

Version: 2.1.2
Downloads: 83271


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WordPress Translation Plugin

Your site in all the languages

MultilingualPress PRO—Truly Localised WordPress
MultilingualPress PRO enables you to publish translated versions of your WordPress site. Switch between languages just by hitting a link, or redirect your visitors automatically to their preferred language according to their browser settings.



High Performance
Top-level Domains per Language
Translate All The Things
Add Language Links to WP Nav Menus
Language Manager
Future-proof, WordPress-Core-based Architecture
Inline Docs & Developer Support
No Lock-in, just honest Open Source Software.
Visual editor (Advanced Translator)
Automatic language redirection
Translate Custom Post Types
Quick Nav
Automatically Trash Translations
Duplicate Sites
Back-end Language
Dashboard Widget


Getting Started

There are a few things to consider when it comes to publishing web content in multiple languages. Most technical aspects, however, you shouldn’t need to worry about.

Especially when your content gets more complex, WordPress should remain easy and intuitively usable.

That’s why we have built MultilingualPress PRO leveraging a powerful WordPress core feature: Multisite. Working on top of Multisite, MultilingualPress PRO enables you to create a network of sites in different languages, all interconnected with and related to each other.

Learn how to quickly set up WordPress Multisite »



  1. Unzip the downloaded files.
  2. Upload the unzipped folder to wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Network-enable MultilingualPress PRO on your network admin plugins page.



  1. Set up the languages you plan to use in the Language Manager. Start with the ones you’re sure about, you can always add languages later.
  2. Choose which sites in your Multisite network will be related to each other as language sites. You can still have ›regular‹ sites in your network that won’t be touched by MultilingualPress PRO at all.
  3. Set your own preferred language for your WordPress admin area in your profile.

Read the full documentation here »


Translate Content

Posts, Pages, Custom Post Types

For every language you have created a site in your Multisite network for, MultilingualPress PRO will insert an extra Visual Editor when you edit a Post. Or a Page. Or Custom Post Type.
Just translate away on the same screen while you’re on it!

Hired a professional translator? Create a regular WordPress user account for them and grant them author permissions on a per-language basis. Whenever you’ll draft a new post in one language, MultilingualPress PRO automatically will create drafts of that post for each language within your network. Translators just need to open their Dashboard and find new drafts right there to go to work with.

Edit and translate on the same WordPress admin page


Menus & Widgets

Translating Custom Menus, Widgets and other WordPress components on your website remains extremely flexible. Each language you set up literally translates into a separate site within your WordPress Multisite network. MultilingualPress PRO interacts very carefully with the changes you make on a per-site basis and will only take action when it detects a translated ›sibling‹ of a particular Post, Page or Custom Post Type.

For example, you can add a widget displaying your latest blog posts on your English site. When you add the same widget on your French site, it will, of course, fetch the latest posts from your French blog. Those could be translations of your English blog posts, or not, just as you see fit.



“An image is worth a thousand words”, as the saying goes. But is it in any language?

Maybe the image you chose to illustrate a point for anglophone visitors won’t necessary translate to people socialised in non-English spoken society? A video in Portuguese would look great with German subtitles on your German site, wouldn’t it?

MultilingualPress PRO adds great flexibility to the cultural aspects of translation by keeping separated media libraries in WordPress Multisite intact. Yes, it means you have to upload each image for each language and possibly host multiple versions of one and the same image. Just think it through—it’s a feature.

(There’s a nifty checkbox to have your Featured Image copied over to other languages automatically, though.)

Copy the featured image of a post over to its translations


Choose your license:

For any Pre-Sale Questions please use our Support Site.

Includes 19% VAT
  • Domains: 1
  • Updates: 12 months
  • Supportforum: 12 months
  • Renewal*: 12 months / 45 $
Includes 19% VAT
  • Domains: 5
  • Updates: 12 months
  • Supportforum: 12 months
  • Renewal*: 12 months / 55 $
Includes 19% VAT
  • Domains: 10
  • Updates: 12 months
  • Supportforum: 12 months
  • Renewal*: 12 months / 110 $

* Functionality for the Product is without time limit. Renewal is only needed if you want an update or support.