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Interviews with Caspar Hübinger (@glueckpress) at WordCamp Paris 2014

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Within the last days we showed some Interviews Caspar did with visitors of the WordCamp Paris. But today we switched the roles: Our allrounder in the MarketPress Team, Caspar Hübinger, aka interviewer, supporter, multinlingual profi and Blogger got interviewed by Aurélien Denis ( in english and a little bit in french) about WordCamps, WordPress, communities and multiling websites.

Caspar speaks about language focused WordPress communities like in France and Germany, about using WordPress Multisite for multilanguage websites, how he found WordPress and his most often used french word. Of cause he speaks a little bit french, but that’s easy to understand – but check it out by yourself.

Interview with Kim Gjerstad of MailPoet @ WordCamp Paris

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MailPoet (fomerly known as WYSIJA) might arguably be the most popular newsletter plugin for WordPress. At WordCamp Paris we’ve had the pleasure to talk with Kim Gjerstad, founder of and partner at MailPoet, about his views on all things WordPress, particularly multilingual content.

For better context make sure to check out the slides to Kim’s presentation Vivre d’une extension? L’exemple de MailPoet.

Thanks a bunch for the interview, Kim!

Ladies Panel @ WordCamp Paris 2014

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Continuing our interview series from WordCamp Paris, we’re proud to present the “ladies panel” with Aloisia Gabat, Jenny Beaumont and Frédérique Game.

Each of them having worked with WordPress in their own field for years, Aloisia, Jenny and Frédérique kindly joined us for 15 inspiring minutes of talking WordPress, including their point of views on the French and European WordPress communities and web industries as well as on rather delicate questions such as WordPress’s potable qualities.

Thanks to Aloisia, Jenny and Frédérique for the interview! Everyone, have fun watching!

Interview with Sara Rosso @ WordCamp Paris 2014

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Sara Rosso, VIP Global Services Manager at Automattic/, was kind enough to spend a good amount of her WordCamp time answering our questions regarding her relationship with WordPress in general as well as her point of view on multilingual WordPress and WordPress communities world-wide.

After having watched the video you might want to sneak a peek of Sara’s presentation given at WordCamp Paris on how WordPress is entering the “enterprise era”.

WooCommerce Weekly Review #6: Translations, WordCamp Switzerland & avoiding legal warnings

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WooCommerce was a hot topic at WordCamp in Switzerland. Progress is being made with the system translations and there are lots of useful new extensions. This and more in our Weekly Review.

WooCommerce @ WordCamp Switzerland

In mid-September, the Swiss WordPress community met for WordCamp Switzerland 2015 and we were there as a sponsor. The emphasis was of course on WordPress itself. But discussions in the corridors and at our stand often turned to #WooMattic and the bright future of WooCommerce.

Video Interview with Mike Little at WordCamp London 2013

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There are heros and there are … other heros. The ones behind the stage if you will. The guys who pull the curtain, shove props, set the lights and make sure in a bazillion ways that e-ve-ry-thing works out smoothly for the actor. (Btw, if you’re very young: that’s a theatre.)

Those kind of people usually are not being applauded. The attention they get is close to zero, and they donnot ask for more. Ironically, without them there wouldn’t be as little of a show as without the actor on stage.

Inpsyde is the first VIP partner in Germany

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Automattic has given us the title of VIP Service Partner, the first in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Worldwide, there are only eleven companies with this status.

We are very proud of this accolade. As a company we have contributed to the establishment of WordPress in Germany from the outset. The VIP program appeals to customers who want to implement high-end enterprise solutions based on WordPress.

WooCommerce Weekly Review #1: Membership pages, MeetUp Switzerland and WooThemes history

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The discussions regarding paid content – as an alternative for advertising-financed pages – is gaining momentum. Whatever the point of view on the matter: membership portals and products in eCommerce are an exciting business model. Read about this and other topics in our Weekly Review.

Launch of WooCommerce Memberships

WooCommerce Memberships is a new (fee-based) WooThemes extension that allows the release of content to registered users or to sell that content to members.