Ghost-Installation with Windows – What You Need to Know!

Since the new Blogging-Platform Ghost was released yesterday, there are more and more people who would like to try Ghost, but fail at some points. Even in our Team-Skype-Chat we started a challenge: Who is able to install Ghost without bigger problems? Manuel did it (maybe caused by the system he is using (Mac OS), the challenge-factor against Toscho and this manual) within minutes, while Windows-User have more problems.
That’s why I decided to write this post and show up some error sources (at least in Windows), and give you a step-by-step instruction of my the way I took. Just follow the screenshots and do what I did.

Most important notes:

Software that is installed in the Programs-folder, is subject to particular restrictions (its running in a sandbox). My advice: Do not install Ghost in the Program-folder. Instead take any other folder on your hard drive. Also turning off the User-Account-Control can help.

This is my procedure

1. Installing Node.js:








2. Installing Ghost

  • Download Ghost:
  • UnZip Ghost: I choose the folder H:webdevghost
  • Open Windows Command Prompt (Windows-Key+R, enter cmd)





3. Starting Ghost

Now you’re ready to run Ghost at in your webbrowser. A (local) account can be signed up at

The Ghost config.js starts at default the development environment of Ghost. If you want to switch to the production environment, you just have to run „set NODE_ENV=production“ before the „npm start“.


Tada: Ghost is running


Bonus: cmd-file instead of tiping each time

This small cmd-file does the commands for you, each time you want to start Ghost. (Of course you need to fill it with your own data)

The Ghost config-file config.js is divided in 3 parts:

  • development
  • production
  • testing

Those parts are setted up the same. There are the following setting:

url: The URL with which your blog is accesable. If it is installed local, you would put in If you want to run Ghost on a Server, please enter the URL here.
mail: e-Mail settings. For Windows you should configure a SMTP server.

This could look like this:

database: Set up your choosen database. Also MySQL is possible, but default is SQLite.
server: Enter your IP adress and the port, on which Ghost is running.

I hope I could help the one or another a little bit.

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